Are you Delegating? or just being Lazy?

I read this quote today…

“No man will make a great leader who
wants to do it all himself, or to get all the
credit for doing it.” –
Andrew Carnegie

When you think of delegating tasks, do you sometimes feel that a person is just being lazy by delegating tasks? Especially if they are the one asking YOU to do something? Its a fine line to walk so that people just don’t think you’re lazy if you ask them to help you accomplish something.

For me, delegating is hard to do. I sometimes feel like it would be quicker and better to just do the task myself, rather than teach someone to do it and then rely on them to do it right. I’ve realized that this is very short-term thinking – in the long-term, I will be better off with someone else helping me once they’ve gained the skills and trust from me.

All of us in our professional responsibilities can probably stand to free up a little time by effectively delegating a few tasks to someone else. This will allow us to focus more on our major responsibilities and think of ways to improve our business.

If you’re always swamped just keeping up in life, then you owe it to yourself to do a little delegating. Make a list of jobs / responsibilities that really don’t need to be done by you, then choose a person you trust to complete one of those items. The trick is to then give them all the information they need, and give them the entire job with full authority. You can’t micro-manage that person to make sure they are doing each step correctly, but focus on end product. If it turns out correct in the end, forget about it – the job is done and you had free time to think about more important things.

You’ll never make it to the top without delegating tasks. You can never expect to do everything and be successful.

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