Awesome Vacation

We (me, me and me) all know that I write mostly for my own benefit – a sort of journal for myself… so those stragglers that still seem to make it here, I hope you’ll understand the perspective I write from… and I hope you’ll come back.

I think its about time to re-live our most awesome vacation that we took a few weeks ago. I gotta say, I want to go back! Anyone ready?! It was so much fun. The purpose of our trip was to visit family in Washington and see my cousin get baptized. So, why not hit Disneyland on the way?!?! Now, I know that isn’t really “on the way” unless you’re like us and enjoy ‘scenic routes’ that take you 2000 miles out of your way. That is one thing about me… I LOVE to drive! I could drive from here to Detroit… again! and love every minute of it. But… I digress… Anyway, this was seriously the coolest trip ever and one that I will remember forever!!

Below is one of my favorite pictures that we took while traveling up the Oregon coast. Just Georgeous!
(and the 2 girls are pretty cute too!)

Oregon Coast

This trip enlightened me and gave me a new perspective. I don’t know why, and I had seen pictures of the Redwood Trees and the Oregon coast before, but as we were traveling it for ourselves I had never imagined it would be so incredible. The Redwoods were unreal. I had basically grown up in the Uinta Mountains, but the Redwoods were unlike anything I had ever imagined. The winding road of the “Avenue of the Giants” was the coolest drive ever! Huge trees, growing right up against the blacktop road. Stumps so big, it seemed you could build your entire house on top of it. Simply Amazing!

Seeing the huge Redwoods and the giant rocks off the Oregon coast, my perspective has grown. There is so much more to life, and more to our surroundings, than we usually see or think about. I know I get caught up in my day-to-day activities and don’t even think of anything existing outside of my short drive from home, to work, and back home again… not more than 10 miles round-trip. That seems to make my goals seem smaller, and my difficulties seem bigger than they should be.

Remember – The sky is the limit! Dream big, and dream outside the box… cause when you travel outside the box, you realize how much more is out there!

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