Cameron Moll Colosseo iPad Martian Giveaway

Cameron Moll is my online hero and I’ve been following his work for as long as I can remember.  When I heard about his latest Colosseo iPad Giveaway, I had to give it a shot.  What could be better than winning an iPad from my hero just for making a simple post for “cameron moll colosseo ipad martian giveaway“?  Thanks for the opportunity Cameron, and best of success to you!

I have loved the Letterpress Posters by Cameron ever since I saw the Salt Lake City LDS Temple he created.  I really would love a signed copy of that poster someday if he makes it available again.  Other creations I have admired Cameron for is the AuthenticJobs site and the Mobile Web Design book, which taught me a lot.

Check out Cameron’s latest creation at .

Here is a preview of his work… the man is simply amazing.


So, here’s to winning an iPad!  And at the very least, I had a great chance to talk about and show appreciation for a personal hero and amazing designer.

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