Buggy Project – Bringing Home the Blazer

The buggy project takes another important step… Bringing Home the Blazer.

This is a 71 Chevy Blazer that I was able to purchase from my friend (Thanks Kam!).  It’s already seem it’s fair share of part-swaping to get the best combination:

– SB 350 bored 30 over.
– Tranny is a 4speed MT SM465.
– Transfer case is NP205.
– Rear end is the GM Big 14 bolt, full-floater.
– The front end Dana 60.
– Both front and rear drivelines have dual CV joints.

All in all, it’s got all the right stuff where it matters most.

This is going to be fun!

More pics as the project progresses.

Project Buggy – Pre-Planning Stages

I’ve been dying to start on a project like this for the last few weeks, er, months, er, years…  and I’m proud to announce that the pre-planning stages for “Project Buggy” have arrived.  Now before you all get uptight about this sudden public address (especially my wife), let me clarify a little.  I said “pre-planning”, as in, before planning… as in, I have not yet even started planning for the day I will begin this glorious project – but the determination is still there.

So, do we go with pure tube-frame?  Use a stock-ish Toyota frame with no cab, just body panels?  or try to keep the frame and cab in-tact and try to make the thing [more] street-legal?

Here are a few awesome pics to get the creative juices flowin –
After all, that is the very first step, right?



Next, we’ll have to think up a good name for this project… Any suggestions?

(Photos courtesy http://www.trail-gear.com/events/2010-koh/ )