The Country is Proud

It was my Grandpa Boynton’s funeral today.  What a great life this man lived.  He was loved, respected and admired by many in the community… as well as many within this great nation.

The absolute best part for me was the Military-Honors displayed at the cemetary.  It was the kind of thing that really makes you proud to be an American – and proud to know that somebody else cares about the service my grandpa willingly gave.

Grandpa Boynton

He was (and is) a “man of integrity” as was so many times brought up at the funeral.  I will forever admire his brick-laying work in various buildings and churchs across this valley.  I will never forget his hard work and dedication in building and maintaining the family cabin in the Uinta Mountains.  I will always remember a happy man that had incredibly hard-working values that the world just doesn’t see anymore… at 88 he got out and got his old tractor running just like he did every year so he could plow the fields behind his house for a garden.

Until we meet again…

See You Later

Tonight I was able to go with my girls, along with my mom and dad, to see my grandpa.  He had a stroke this morning and its getting worse.  I feel he is very close to returning to his sweetheart.

At just 4 days shy of exactly 60 years older than me, I’ve realized that he has been over 60 my entire life.  It is strange for me to think that even when I was 10, he was 70.  I think this seems so strange because I remember him as being full of energy and always happy.  I remember him at the cabin building brick fireplaces and always working to improve that ‘masterpiece in the Uintas’.  He loved the cabin.  Of all the memories I have of the cabin – the one that still stands out in my mind was the reprimand I received from my grandpa AND grandma (and mom and dad) after trying to “scare off” a momma moose and her very young calf from the front yard of the cabin.  Boy did I learn my lesson (thankfully).  Away from the cabin, I remember visiting them every Sunday having vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup – stirred together of course!

He is one of the greatest examples in my life and one that I will always look up to while striving to preserve and carry on the family name.

It was sad seeing him tonight.  As my mom put it, “for the first time, he looks 88.”  We spoke to him and I’m sure he understood most of what we said, but we couldn’t understand his replies except when we asked him how he was… “Oh, I am fine”.  We are praying his body doesn’t have to suffer much longer, though it felt his spirit was vibrant and probably anticipating this next step in his life.

As weird as it sounds to me now, all I could say when preparing to leave his bedside this evening was, “I’ll see you later, Grandpa”.  I regret now that it wasn’t telling him how much I loved him and what a great example he has always been to me… but… in reality, I will see him again – and I think that holds just as much power.

Thanks for all you’ve taught me, Grandpa.  I love you!  … and I will “see you later”.

Awesome Vacation

We (me, me and me) all know that I write mostly for my own benefit – a sort of journal for myself… so those stragglers that still seem to make it here, I hope you’ll understand the perspective I write from… and I hope you’ll come back.

I think its about time to re-live our most awesome vacation that we took a few weeks ago. I gotta say, I want to go back! Anyone ready?! It was so much fun. The purpose of our trip was to visit family in Washington and see my cousin get baptized. So, why not hit Disneyland on the way?!?! Now, I know that isn’t really “on the way” unless you’re like us and enjoy ‘scenic routes’ that take you 2000 miles out of your way. That is one thing about me… I LOVE to drive! I could drive from here to Detroit… again! and love every minute of it. But… I digress… Anyway, this was seriously the coolest trip ever and one that I will remember forever!!

Below is one of my favorite pictures that we took while traveling up the Oregon coast. Just Georgeous!
(and the 2 girls are pretty cute too!)

Oregon Coast

This trip enlightened me and gave me a new perspective. I don’t know why, and I had seen pictures of the Redwood Trees and the Oregon coast before, but as we were traveling it for ourselves I had never imagined it would be so incredible. The Redwoods were unreal. I had basically grown up in the Uinta Mountains, but the Redwoods were unlike anything I had ever imagined. The winding road of the “Avenue of the Giants” was the coolest drive ever! Huge trees, growing right up against the blacktop road. Stumps so big, it seemed you could build your entire house on top of it. Simply Amazing!

Seeing the huge Redwoods and the giant rocks off the Oregon coast, my perspective has grown. There is so much more to life, and more to our surroundings, than we usually see or think about. I know I get caught up in my day-to-day activities and don’t even think of anything existing outside of my short drive from home, to work, and back home again… not more than 10 miles round-trip. That seems to make my goals seem smaller, and my difficulties seem bigger than they should be.

Remember – The sky is the limit! Dream big, and dream outside the box… cause when you travel outside the box, you realize how much more is out there!

First Day of Kindergarten

Little Ally had her first day of Kindergarten today.  She doesn’t even get this excited on Christmas Day!

What a great day as she starts down the path and can look forward to 13 years of schooling (and hopefully 4-6 more years after that).  When you put it that way, it doesn’t have quite the same appeal that the excitement of day 1 in kindergarten has, does it?  Oh well, usually I’m optimistic, but since my daughter is starting school and has a better chance of finishing before I do, I have to be a little pessimistic – but still very, very proud.  Way to go Ally!!

Ally 1

Ally 2