Happy Birthday Honey!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife today!

Hope she doesn’t hate me for listing this, but here are my favorite 29 things I love about her – ’cause that’s how old she is today  🙂

I love…

  1. your smile.  It’s beautiful and contagious!
  2. the way you listen to all my big stories and dreams.
  3. your knack for cooking – you’re really good at it.
  4. that you love to go on long drives with me.
  5. what a great Mom you are to our girls. You really ARE – and not just because they’re still alive!
  6. that you trust me when sometimes I don’t trust myself to do things.
  7. that you are amazed by all the little things I was “born knowing how to do”.
  8. when you ask me what shoes look best and you still expect an honest, but  “guy”, answer.
  9. how you love the outdoors, just not camping (hotel, cabin or house-boat camping only!).
  10. how much you love me.
  11. that if you could, you care enough to try to make everyone happy.
  12. that you still clean the house even though you hate it.
  13. how hard you work for our family and kids.
  14. how hard you work on your church callings.
  15. how much you love banana splits.
  16. that you always support my decisions, but keep me in line.
  17. when you laugh so hard, you cry.
  18. that you’re modest and humble.
  19. your growing love of gardening.
  20. watching you teach and read to our kids.
  21. that you know me well enough to talk for me if I don’t want or need to.
  22. when you hold my hand while I’m driving.
  23. how you talk to me about anything and everything.
  24. that you have a way of making me do what you want, and it turns out better than my way.
  25. how much you love golfing with me.
  26. that I get to come home and have lunch with you every day.
  27. that you buy yourself flowers on your birthday – sorry, I should have done that.
  28. watching you play games with our kids.
  29. that I get to spend the rest of forever with you!


I love you so much!!

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