Make People Feel Essential

I came across this page by the “Name Tag Guy” and I really loved it.  I wanted to emphasize a few points that I liked best.  (all credit to Scott, The Name Tag Guy)

First, he states that “making someone feel ‘important’ and ‘valued’ and ‘needed’ is a HUGE part of being an approachable leader.”  I’m sure all of us can agree with that whether we’ve been the leader or not.

I Appreciate You! –  I don’t think any of us hear this enough.  We need to KNOW we’re appreciated, not just hope that we are.  This will do wonders for anyone’s self-esteem if you just tell someone you appreciate them.  As a leader, I think this alone can help you get good, quality, hard work, out of any employee under you.  It will give them more pride in their work and will make them more loyal to you and the company.

Taking Notes –  This one he mentions a few times. Taking notes when someone is talking can make them feel important, as well as reviewing those notes with them later to let them know that you really listened to their ideas and put them to action.  Another cool idea was telling other people to “write that down for me” after they’ve expressed an idea.  I can see how this would make the other person feel more important by expressing their idea in writing, and it will also allow them to elaborate on the idea and probably come up with more details, or even more ideas, more often.  Love this!

Bring People Joy –  This is one that I think about often.  How can I bring Joy to those around me?  We’ve all heard that a simple smile to someone on the street can completely make their day – or even their week!  Have you done it?  I really can’t say that I’ve put the experiment to the test.  I am a true believer that Giving is far better than Recieving – Especially with Joy, when you give you will end up receiving much more Joy yourself.  I gotta try it and I’ll let you know how it goes!

Overall, this is an excellent article to read if you’re a leader yourself, or maybe dealing with a difficult leader.  A little appreciation can go a LONG way.

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