My Birthday Week!

Its my Birthday Week! Yippee!

For those of you that are still searching for the perfect gift to get me, here is my list:
…and also a few cool pictures to liven up my blog…

The ALL NEW Camaro!

Malibu Wakesetter
A Very Sweet Boat!

Killer Lift for my Truck

Shares of Google Stock (I’d just like a few!)

Okay, Okay… I’m dreaming…

I’ll settle for a free lunch at work, dinner with my parents, and a party afterwards with cake and ice cream.

We can leave these other items until next year.

Oh! and if you have any spare Lowes coupons for $10 off (or the highly sought after $50 off coupons) – those are as good as gold to me right now… I’ll take ’em off your hands. 😉

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