New Year? Are you realizing your goals?

So, after a month is almost up on this new year – what is NEW with you? are you realizing your goals?

It might be hard to keep your spirits up with all that we hear on the news. Is a recession on the horizon? or are we already there? A quote from my InformationWeek email today reads: “Fewer workers were worried about losing their jobs last month, maybe we’ve already hit bottom“. Its a scary time… or is it? The stock market has been riding the wave as the Fed rates drop again. Will it be enough to help – or is it too late?

In that same InformationWeek email, I read an article titled, “Apple: Most hated company on the Internet” and the first line reads, “I was going to post a blog about why Apple is the most hated company on the Internet first thing yesterday. But my Mac crashed and ate the post, so I spent most of the day re-doing my work. I think that might be a sign.” Does that mean I should take the new MacBook Air off my wish-list? Sheesh! 0.16 inches thick… thats as small as a… Wow! thats REALLY small!

Maybe its best we don’t always believe what we read or hear. I believe we trust too much in what the media dishes out to us. What we believe has a direct impact on what we think and do… and that can seriously stunt your growth potential if you trust too much in what others tell you.

Maybe Apple isn’t hated, but is the most loved company out there (not hard to beat Microsoft in that game) – and maybe… just maybe… this is the best time in all of history to get into the real estate market…. ?? Who knows.

Keep a tight leash on your goals and don’t listen to what anybody else says.

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