Project Buggy – Pre-Planning Stages

I’ve been dying to start on a project like this for the last few weeks, er, months, er, years…  and I’m proud to announce that the pre-planning stages for “Project Buggy” have arrived.  Now before you all get uptight about this sudden public address (especially my wife), let me clarify a little.  I said “pre-planning”, as in, before planning… as in, I have not yet even started planning for the day I will begin this glorious project – but the determination is still there.

So, do we go with pure tube-frame?  Use a stock-ish Toyota frame with no cab, just body panels?  or try to keep the frame and cab in-tact and try to make the thing [more] street-legal?

Here are a few awesome pics to get the creative juices flowin –
After all, that is the very first step, right?



Next, we’ll have to think up a good name for this project… Any suggestions?

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