See You Later

Tonight I was able to go with my girls, along with my mom and dad, to see my grandpa.  He had a stroke this morning and its getting worse.  I feel he is very close to returning to his sweetheart.

At just 4 days shy of exactly 60 years older than me, I’ve realized that he has been over 60 my entire life.  It is strange for me to think that even when I was 10, he was 70.  I think this seems so strange because I remember him as being full of energy and always happy.  I remember him at the cabin building brick fireplaces and always working to improve that ‘masterpiece in the Uintas’.  He loved the cabin.  Of all the memories I have of the cabin – the one that still stands out in my mind was the reprimand I received from my grandpa AND grandma (and mom and dad) after trying to “scare off” a momma moose and her very young calf from the front yard of the cabin.  Boy did I learn my lesson (thankfully).  Away from the cabin, I remember visiting them every Sunday having vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup – stirred together of course!

He is one of the greatest examples in my life and one that I will always look up to while striving to preserve and carry on the family name.

It was sad seeing him tonight.  As my mom put it, “for the first time, he looks 88.”  We spoke to him and I’m sure he understood most of what we said, but we couldn’t understand his replies except when we asked him how he was… “Oh, I am fine”.  We are praying his body doesn’t have to suffer much longer, though it felt his spirit was vibrant and probably anticipating this next step in his life.

As weird as it sounds to me now, all I could say when preparing to leave his bedside this evening was, “I’ll see you later, Grandpa”.  I regret now that it wasn’t telling him how much I loved him and what a great example he has always been to me… but… in reality, I will see him again – and I think that holds just as much power.

Thanks for all you’ve taught me, Grandpa.  I love you!  … and I will “see you later”.

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