Sledding @ Daniel’s Summit 12-2012

Had a BLAST snowmobiling at Daniel’s Summit with friends. It was snowing and very cold, so the kids and wives didn’t last long… but we had a great time playing while they stayed warm in the lodge.

This was my first time out on the new sleds and this 900 is HUGE and weighs a ton! I don’t dare carve much yet, but I can already tell the power has the potential of getting me into – and probably out of – some tricky situations. There was maybe 3-4 feet of powder, but no base… which made for some tricky riding (while watching out for those hidden logs and stumps).

I got stuck once – just a few feet from the trail. You’re not playing hard enough if you don’t get stuck, right?!

The worst part was the drive back home. It was still snowing – and much worse as we headed down Parley’s. I probably went about 30 mph the whole way down… and people were lining up behind me, afraid to pass. We made it home safe though – that’s all that matters.

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