Sledding @ Fairview Canyon 11-2015

When your snowmobile rental gift certificates are going to expire, but there still isn’t enough snow…

A week out and praying for snow, it seemed hopeful. A couple of good storms were set to move in and dump a decent amount of the great white stuff in the mountains. At that point we would just watch the storms and see what mountains got the most snow and go there…

Well, as seems to always be the case lately, the storm fizzled out. Great… now where do we go? The search began to find out what the snow depths were across the state. Did you know traffic cams are a great tool to see what live conditions look like?  I only wish there were more cameras out there.

So, it came down to Monte Cristo, or Fairview.  Monte showed 22 inches, but that was about 12+ miles from the parking lot. Fairview showed 18 inches at the parking lot. Fairview it is!

We had never been to Fairview, so we’re glad we decided to try it out.  It was really great – and would be so much greater with another couple feet of snow. We’ll definitely go back!


Sled review:
Our mountain toys on this adventure was a 2015 Ski-Doo Summit and a 2015 Polaris Pro RMK. We had the chance to trade machines throughout the day to see which one we liked best. Both were excellent machines and very similar with 800cc engines, about the same length tracks (154 and 155), yet they felt very different. The Pro felt more like a dirt bike to me. Throttle response was quick and hard, the sled was easy to flick side-to-side, but despite being the lightest sled, it felt heavier to me. It was also much louder. The Summit felt “cushy” and soft… and quiet. Throttle response was more gradual but the sled itself felt lighter to me and more “tippy” making it easier to cut and turn on. I still want to try both sleds again with more snow, but right now, I’m leaning towards the Ski-Doo. Don’t worry, Arctic Cat and Yamaha are still options as well.

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