So, whats your score?

And NO, I’m not talking about your credit score – there could soon be another score that directly describes only you if you use Social Networks like facebook or MySpace.

I read this businessweek article and to tell you the truth, its a little disturbing to me.  Apparently, Google is looking for ways to get profitable advertising on social networks after losing big on their latest MySpace deal.  So, what is their latest idea to get valuable advertising directed at specific people?  How about we give everyone in the world a “Google Number”?  This is what scares me.  Google wants to use their same method of PageRank (the way they rank the importance of a website) to start ranking people depending on their influence and relationships with their friends.

“The new technology could track not just how many friends you have on Facebook but how many friends your friends have. Well-connected chums make you particularly influential. The tracking system also would follow how frequently people post things on each other’s sites. It could even rate how successful somebody is in getting friends to read a news story or watch a video clip”

This scare the socks off anyone else?  It is almost Halloween.

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