The Country is Proud

It was my Grandpa Boynton’s funeral today.  What a great life this man lived.  He was loved, respected and admired by many in the community… as well as many within this great nation.

The absolute best part for me was the Military-Honors displayed at the cemetary.  It was the kind of thing that really makes you proud to be an American – and proud to know that somebody else cares about the service my grandpa willingly gave.

Grandpa Boynton

He was (and is) a “man of integrity” as was so many times brought up at the funeral.  I will forever admire his brick-laying work in various buildings and churchs across this valley.  I will never forget his hard work and dedication in building and maintaining the family cabin in the Uinta Mountains.  I will always remember a happy man that had incredibly hard-working values that the world just doesn’t see anymore… at 88 he got out and got his old tractor running just like he did every year so he could plow the fields behind his house for a garden.

Until we meet again…

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