Time is Money

We’ve all heard it – but do you believe it?  Is your Time, Money ?

Over the last few years, I have been realizing more and more that Time really is Money.  In the past, I would have invested a huge amount of time (and money) into learning something new just to save myself a few bucks.  That was then.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m still all about saving a dollar wherever I can.  I have not yet reached the financial status of one that could drop a $1 bill on the street and continue walking – knowing it wasn’t worth my time to stop and pick it up.  Maybe it will cost you more than just the few seconds it would take to pick it up.  Maybe those few seconds could keep you from meeting an important deadline or winning that next project proposal.  There may be many, many unseen factors that are effecting your success because you’re constantly picking up pennies on the street instead of rushing off to land your next big account.

When you try to do everything yourself, you usually “get what you pay for”.  Sometimes it will save you more money by hiring a professional, than it will to take the time to learn something new and do it yourself – and you’ll usually get a much better result from the professional.

You’ve got to weigh the costs.  How much is your time really worth?  Your potential for success increases dramatically if you can delegate tasks to other individuals, rather than trying to do everything yourself.  Of course, most of us always enjoy learing new things – but doing EVERYTHING yourself is typically not the way to get ahead in life.  If you try to do everything yourself, you will most likely fail.  You have to involve others and rely on them and the services they can offer in order to get ahead in life and in business.  Your quality of life will almost always increase as you hire professionals – and aren’t we ALL striving to be professionals in some line of business?  We are all hoping that someone will seek us out because of our expertise and experience.

So whats the bottom line?  Exactly that!  Its whether you want your ‘bottom line’ showing a profit or a loss on your next income statement.  Next time you think about learning something new and doing it yourself just to save a few dollars, make sure you weigh the costs.  Is it worth your time?

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