Buggy Project – Bringing Home the Blazer

The buggy project takes another important step… Bringing Home the Blazer.

This is a 71 Chevy Blazer that I was able to purchase from my friend (Thanks Kam!).  It’s already seem it’s fair share of part-swaping to get the best combination:

– SB 350 bored 30 over.
– Tranny is a 4speed MT SM465.
– Transfer case is NP205.
– Rear end is the GM Big 14 bolt, full-floater.
– The front end Dana 60.
– Both front and rear drivelines have dual CV joints.

All in all, it’s got all the right stuff where it matters most.

This is going to be fun!

More pics as the project progresses.

Cameron Moll Colosseo iPad Martian Giveaway

Cameron Moll is my online hero and I’ve been following his work for as long as I can remember.  When I heard about his latest Colosseo iPad Giveaway, I had to give it a shot.  What could be better than winning an iPad from my hero just for making a simple post for “cameron moll colosseo ipad martian giveaway“?  Thanks for the opportunity Cameron, and best of success to you!

I have loved the Letterpress Posters by Cameron ever since I saw the Salt Lake City LDS Temple he created.  I really would love a signed copy of that poster someday if he makes it available again.  Other creations I have admired Cameron for is the AuthenticJobs site and the Mobile Web Design book, which taught me a lot.

Check out Cameron’s latest creation at colosseotype.com .

Here is a preview of his work… the man is simply amazing.


So, here’s to winning an iPad!  And at the very least, I had a great chance to talk about and show appreciation for a personal hero and amazing designer.

Project Buggy – Pre-Planning Stages

I’ve been dying to start on a project like this for the last few weeks, er, months, er, years…  and I’m proud to announce that the pre-planning stages for “Project Buggy” have arrived.  Now before you all get uptight about this sudden public address (especially my wife), let me clarify a little.  I said “pre-planning”, as in, before planning… as in, I have not yet even started planning for the day I will begin this glorious project – but the determination is still there.

So, do we go with pure tube-frame?  Use a stock-ish Toyota frame with no cab, just body panels?  or try to keep the frame and cab in-tact and try to make the thing [more] street-legal?

Here are a few awesome pics to get the creative juices flowin –
After all, that is the very first step, right?



Next, we’ll have to think up a good name for this project… Any suggestions?

(Photos courtesy http://www.trail-gear.com/events/2010-koh/ )

Explosive Damage – Too Close to Home

Shortly after getting to work today, I received the frantic call from my wife.  She told me everyone was okay, but that the Silver Eagle Refinery by our house had an explosion… again.  But this time it was different – this time many houses in my neighborhood were damaged.  About 1 minutes after the initial call, she called back and wanted me to come home right then.

Silver Eagle Refinery Explosion - Fall 2009

The rest of the day was filled with unbelief, chaos, assessed damage, more unbelief, and moving a neighbor out of their condemned home (entire house moved out within an hour).  I can’t imagine what it must have been like for those that were home and close to the blast, but the damage was crazy.  I’ll bet EVERY house in our neighborhood had its garage door dented in.  Many homes had broken windows and places where soffit was forced down due to the pressure (including mine).

I’m not sure how long these links will work, but you can check out the news coverage – and see if you can spot me on the news!

I honestly don’t feel as harshly towards the refinery as others do, but they definitely do not have a very good safety record.  That needs to change.  I knew they were there when I moved into my house – I don’t expect them to leave.  I do expect them to be safe.  Although this is the worst for them, something *like* this happens way too often at Silver Eagle Refinery.

Media and Crowd

I must say that the best part of the whole day was the neighborhood coming together to help those that needed it most.  Moving EVERYTHING out of a house in less than an hour and putting it all on trucks that were lined up with trailers.

Neighbors helping neighbors, is what it’s all about

Still, I’ll be happy not to go through something like this again. Ever.

Aaron’s Creativity Corner

We’ve been working at finishing our basement for probably 2 years now… and we’re finally nearing the end.  Its been a great learning experience and we’ve had the chance to work with some great local professionals too.

The latest… My Creativity Corner, as I’m calling it. We had the nicest guys build and install these custom cabinets for my desk area. If anyone is interested (in the N. Utah area), leave a comment and I’ll get you their info – I HIGHLY recommend them and I will use them again.

Here are some photos of the “Creativity Corner” taking shape…







Still to do in the basement: (1) finish priming, (2) finish painting the ceiling and trim, (3) carpet, (4) bathroom tile + fixtures…

We’re getting there!!

Bountiful Car Show and Parade 2009

What an AWESOME car show!!

The Bountiful Car Show was put on by the Bountiful Rotary Club, all for charity called:“Cruisin’ the Boulevard Coats for Kids”

I have been coming to this car show for years, but must say this year was the absolute best! To make it even better, my wife and daughters loved it just as much as I did.

We arrived about 6pm to relatively small crowds, purchased our “kid bucks” to use on food and face-painting. Food vendors from the likes of Marie Callender’s, Texas Roadhouse, Costco and local favorite Vito’s, donated their time and food. Amazing!

Now on to the cars… there were Camaros, Corvettes, Vipers, Mustangs, Chevelles, Choppers, old trucks, ‘32 Fords, ‘55 Chevys, and many others.

My absolute favorite was the black Shelby Cobra. We watched it compete in the “burn-out” competition and I think it did the best. Super Cool!! After the burn-outs, we walked over to the car and got some pictures… overhearing the owner talk about it: 860 HP (I think is what he said), and he told a story of getting up to 140 on a freeway on-ramp just before seeing the cop. He was pulled over, but the cop was amazed. Cop asked him how fast he got up to, and upon hearing “140 mph” just said “Nice!”… THAT my friends, is AWESOME!! (and no ticket). Afterwards, I thought I should have gone up to him, shook his hand, and said “What do you do for a living?”… “When I grow up, I want to be like you” Maybe I’ll go back tomorrow and do just that.

The burn-outs were so cool – even my wife and kids loved watching them. So many LOUD and FAST cars just out spinning their tires for fun. I couldn’t help thinking of my days in Detroit as a missionary. We went to weekly car shows (to make contacts, of course) and saw, and felt, many many loud cars… probably louder and faster than any we saw tonight. I didn’t see any wheelies tonight either.

Guess I should stop rambling and let you see the pics, huh? Well, here they are:

[ pics coming soon ]

If you didn’t get a chance to go – there is always next year.

The “Dreamer” inside me was revitalized tonight. My tank is full and I can keep on dreaming for another 6 months or so (at which time I’ll have to find another car show to fill my dream-tank). Someday, I do hope to have a car like some of these… not sure exactly what that car will be, but I can assure you it will be sweet. Those of you that know me, already know I love cars and have a hankering for making them a little unique. Its been a while since I’ve gotten the chance to work on something, and I’m itching to get back into it.

Hopefully, you can stay tuned and someday find out what I’ve chosen to work on and restore… uh, resto-mod, that is!

Happy Birthday Honey!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife today!

Hope she doesn’t hate me for listing this, but here are my favorite 29 things I love about her – ’cause that’s how old she is today  🙂

I love…

  1. your smile.  It’s beautiful and contagious!
  2. the way you listen to all my big stories and dreams.
  3. your knack for cooking – you’re really good at it.
  4. that you love to go on long drives with me.
  5. what a great Mom you are to our girls. You really ARE – and not just because they’re still alive!
  6. that you trust me when sometimes I don’t trust myself to do things.
  7. that you are amazed by all the little things I was “born knowing how to do”.
  8. when you ask me what shoes look best and you still expect an honest, but  “guy”, answer.
  9. how you love the outdoors, just not camping (hotel, cabin or house-boat camping only!).
  10. how much you love me.
  11. that if you could, you care enough to try to make everyone happy.
  12. that you still clean the house even though you hate it.
  13. how hard you work for our family and kids.
  14. how hard you work on your church callings.
  15. how much you love banana splits.
  16. that you always support my decisions, but keep me in line.
  17. when you laugh so hard, you cry.
  18. that you’re modest and humble.
  19. your growing love of gardening.
  20. watching you teach and read to our kids.
  21. that you know me well enough to talk for me if I don’t want or need to.
  22. when you hold my hand while I’m driving.
  23. how you talk to me about anything and everything.
  24. that you have a way of making me do what you want, and it turns out better than my way.
  25. how much you love golfing with me.
  26. that I get to come home and have lunch with you every day.
  27. that you buy yourself flowers on your birthday – sorry, I should have done that.
  28. watching you play games with our kids.
  29. that I get to spend the rest of forever with you!


I love you so much!!